Mayventure Days 4 & 5

Allan took us out to House to celebrate his raise and we watched the high school marching band play for Carbondale’s monthly block party, First Friday. We went to bed early and the next day we packed our climbing gear alongside our camping gear and headed toward the Flat Top mountains. Despite on and off rain, we spent the afternoon “sending,” as avid climbers say, on the steep sedimentary walls of Elk Creek canyon; having returned from a five-year hiatus I was back to on-sighting 10s and red-pointing 11s. I told Allan about how my recent re-familiarization with climbing had so vastly improved my canyoneering in the preceding four days. By 7pm the rain had let up for good but a winter chill had settled in, the upshot of two sunless days. We donned puffies, coaxed a fire out of abundant but dripping wet logs with the generous application of white gas, and then we played light-up Frisbee and complained about our stinging hands.