About Me

Traveler. Entrepreneur. Adventurer. Ventriloquist. Just kidding about the last one. I have been travelling and joking with people since I could walk. Logging hundreds of miles across Australia with mom at age 8 seemed natural to me. Crossing the Colorado Rockies’ on a solo mountain bike tour at 20 was a just great way to use up paid vacation. And why not spend 30 days circumnavigating the serene blue waters of Lake Tahoe on a 180-mile foot trail after a week in the desert at Burning Man?

Truth be told, I spend countless weeks in the deserts of Utah, Arizona, California and Nevada each year, and, these days, just as many consecutive  days walking long distance trails. I sew my own gear, and I dream up designs for new gear. Through it all, I write. A stack of journals 10 feet high has accumulated in my basement.

“I’ll go back and publish all this one day, it will be interesting for my grand kids to read,” I always thought. But why not publish it now? So these days I take my smartphone and a stack of extra batteries with me so that I can keep you updated on this adventure that I call my life as it happens. I don’t have any grand kids, and I still carry the journal and pen for the personal stuff, but now I’ve got an outlet for the good stuff, and while adventure is not my job yet, I’m getting there. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi jess, this is hikengirlj we met in the grandcanyon-bright angel campgrnd, I took my brother(dwayne) & his friends in for there 1st visit. After we heard about your adventure into pipe canyon him & I decided to check it out. Once we got to indian gardens we did a day hike over there, wow by yourself, I wld of loved to see pics of that, but I know hanging upside down wasn t the time.
    My husband & I are doing the Rubicon trail in july in the jeep, I m thinking of switching frm colo trail (thats bec I have no takers to hike it wi me-per husband no solo- brother bailed) to trt & we will be there anyway & I do have a person interested, so your h20 maybe useful.
    Anyway I signed up to get your blogs on your new adventure of the pct, good luck, be safe, have the best time of your life! J

    • Hi Judy! It was great meeting you and ‘Shannon’, tell him I say Hi! Was that you that orchestrated the boil-in-bag meals I saw your camp eating? What an impressive way to dine, I’ll have to try that.

      I highly recommend the TRT. It is beautiful in its simplicity and if you’re looking for more mileage there are enough side trips to get you well over 200 I’d estimate. If I did it again I’d still climb the peaks, but I’d also add a couple more days in the Desolation Wilderness.

      As for me, I belong to the Pacific Northwest now and for 10 weeks to come, having arrived at the Columbia River gorge some days ago. I’m wending my way to Harts Pass as the snow melts. Thank you for the warm wishes, they are forever appreciated.


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