The Day Before Prime Rib Day


Start: North Desolation Wilderness (1117)
Camp: Aloha Lake (1102)
It’s good to be back in the Desolation Wilderness. I considered skipping it to make better time, but then I’d not have a contiguous Canada-Mexico path. No reason to give that up over 50 miles of amazing trail that I’d gladly hike a thousand times.
I took a different route this time to explore a little deeper into this wilderness and found it very pleasant. The trail over Mosquito Pass, passed Clyde Lake, then through China Flat, Rockbound Valley and Camper Flat is a nice alternate to the PCT over Dick’s Pass. The tread obviously sees way less traffic and is in way better condition because of it – none of those ankle breaker mini boulders laying in the trail. It’s also about a thousand feet less elevation gain, and there’s tree cover and water most of the way. It’s just a couple miles longer too.
Along the way I ate about a pound of candy but eventually got hungry anyway and resolved to prepare my remaining ingredients into something wildly delicious. I boiled water while I crunched up the remainder of a bag of Triscuits. I cut cheddar cheese and added powdered milk to the water. Then fish oil. Tuna. And finally 2/3 of a package of instant garlic flavored potatoes. These I then spread into a multi grain tortilla. I sprinkled on everything else, plus a healthy dose of chipotle pepper. Then I folded it in half and – Voila! – the mashed potato fish taco! They’re delicious, they’re nutritious, and – most of all – they’re what I’ve got!

I’m easy to please after 100 miles in this section, and, besides, tomorrow is Prime Rib Day.
I ate big meals to stretch out my stomach for the buffet tomorrow, and I started a letter to my grandpa. I’ve started this letter no less than six times now in the months I’ve been out here, and each version is wildly different, though I imagine they’ll all end about the same for their is one subject that trumps all and must be addressed.


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  1. i met ramblinghemlock in this area when i was hiking the trt trail in sept. because i read her blog, she ran into you as she was going north & u south with girly girl. small world. hikengirlj from the grand canyon.

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