Second Guessing

Start: Big Spring (1762)
Camp: Green Springs Mountain (1745)
I’m going through a lot of internal strife. Nothing I write seems accurate, like my feelings there is always some valid contradiction, but I’d better write something before I fall asleep and have no account at all. So: I think I hiked my favorite part of the trail so far this evening. Smooth, winding tread through steep prairies of oak savannas in golden wheat. Like home but steeper and without the sandstone. I talked to my sister, she’s at the family reunion. I feel like I really messed up by missing it. I tanned a little, and spun poi in my underwear, and met another northbounder I despise. Such is life. I gave it time but I’ve accepted that I will probably hate every person I pass from now on. I should just stop talking to them. I am. Headphones, trekking poles and a headlamp will be my m.o. soon. I need to burn rubber.
I’ll be at I-5 tomorrow. I realized this morning that that is as far as I can go before Burning Man or I’ll have trouble getting back to civilization to get a ride in time. Sucks, too, though because it means the rest of this week is shot – I’ll be off trail for 11+ days. I’d not go, but I think it might be the one thing I’m still doing right. Maybe.


2 thoughts on “Second Guessing

  1. I’m sorry u sound so discouraged, but life is short enjoy the moment. I just got back from doing the TRT Wed, I know u did this last yr so u may skip this but here is the water report. 1. Once you get to TWIN PEAKS where trt & pct join, (southbound) BLACKWOOD CREEK has enough water crossing trail 2. MILLER CREEK right after you cross the Rubicon Trail look for a small pot hole possible spring although map didnot show spring, plus small camp spot. we used it even though not the greatest, Richardson lake 2 miles away, not quality water either. 3. Middle Velma lake my favorite, east end good camping, also good swimming to island. 4. Fontanillis & Dicks Lake – bear in area (not unusual for Desolation) stock up for long trek up to be on top of Dick 5. Gilmore lake was nice, if u go, go to left for good camping once u get to the lake 6. Of course lots of lakes to Echo Lake 7. About 1.75 miles from Showers Lake near a over look no name creek running good across trail 8. Showers Lake I felt to be warmer than others, also good swimming area. Than after Meiss Meadows PCT continues on

    Hang in there! Enjoy Burning Man, sounds interesting! HIKENGIRLJ – Sacagawea From the grandcanyon

    • Hi Hikengirl! I was wondering what you’d been up to, I’m glad you got out and checked out the TRT. I moved your water report into my notes for easy access, thank you for that. The springs up here around Burney have started to go dry in many cases so water is becoming scarce. How were the fall colors around Tahoe? Keep in touch,

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