Drying Out in the Rain

Start: Koosah Mountain (1961)
Camp: Charlton Lake (1931)
Today: A pointless meander through mosquito infested slime pools. It’s obvious the trail builders here in Oregon had the same problem as the hikers: they were running in circles flailing their arms at the mosquitoes and trying to make a flat walk through the same old trees and rocks interesting. They failed. I wish Oregon and every frenzied, overgrown bloodsucking mosquito would burn to the ground. Wait, it already is. A fire survey plane has been circling all afternoon, and the smell of smoke has been teasing my nostrils and more importantly inflaming my sinuses since last night. Let’s hurry up and get this over with, one way or another. Thank God I brought the Jungle Juice this far, I was starting to think I’d beat the mosquitoes like a certain blog advertises will happen when you southbound, so I almost left it in a hiker box.

My phone won’t turn on so I left it in the rice and laid it in the sun while I took a nap. That fixed it. I hiked across a wide burn area in rain and lightening. I kept hearing whistling and checking to see if my hair was standing up. It never was.

Since it mentions Jungle Juice (albeit a very different variety…) today’s theme song is Beat The Sh*t off Lil Wayne’s 2013 album I Am Not Human II. Long live trap.

I had to start eating less, four times a day was just too much. Sometimes I don’t even take my pack off. The good news is that cutting Aqua Mira out of my diet has firmed things up.