Waking up on the Big Island

Start: McKenzie Pass (1989.5)
Camp: Koosah Mountain (1961)
I woke and dumped my last 2 cups of water into granola.
Found trail magic of soda and beer, definitely not what I needed, but it was Canada Dry Ginger Ale! I took and drank one and felt sick.
I got asked for my permit for the first time by a couple of forest service guys cutting downed trees.
It was really hot and I was excited when I finally got to a small lake where I could swim. It was so picturesque I had to take a picture. High upon a rock I used my shoe to prop of my phone with the timer set for one minute. Carefully, the light blinking away, I climbed back down to the water to swim out into the middle. The South Sister, a nearby igneous peak, would be the backdrop. A gust of wind blew and my phone tipped over. It started to slide. It toppled off the rock and down, down, boulder to boulder. Luckily the back popped off and the battery flew out just as it plunged into the lake. It had fallen six feet and gone just as far  laterally, missing every possible gap along the way to make it just six inches past the waterline. I walked over, picked up the three pieces, and laid them in the sun. Then I packed them into a Knorr Mexican Rice Side and kept hiking, accepting that I would not get anymore pictures today.