Cooling Off

Start: Ollalie Lake (2253)
Camp: Rock Pile Lake (2202)


Cold came last night. It’s still clear, dry, just much cooler. Thankful, for my 15° sleeping bag, last night, others wearing jackets, something I’m too light to carry.
Early start, beautiful, ready to make miles with Eminem, climbing toward Jefferson. It takes a couple miles for the chill to dissipate.


Mt. Jefferson and a fire detour sign

Today is the most beautiful day of my trip. I have seen it in the colors of the trees and the rocks, and in the way the forest grows. I hear it in the music I listen to and I feel it in the immense presence of the people I meet.
Here, swimming in Sheep Lake at the base of Mt Jefferson is the most  beautiful moment. So beautiful, in fact, that I forget to take a picture.
I’m not sure what I’m eating, but it’s delicious. Some kind of tortellini with white sauce and maybe dried ham? To which I added a cheese stick and a package of tuna in oil.
The burned and dry areas today were astoundingly beautiful.
Big day. Sleeping out in the open even though I know I’ll wake up with condensation all over my bag, which wouldn’t happen if I camped under trees. But I want a view of the sunrise. It’s nearly 10:00 p.m. when I finally stop, hiking with moon twilight, but today’s big push has culled a day from the three it should have taken me to complete this segment. I’ll be at Big Lake for dinner tomorrow, get my phone charged, and head out a whole day early.