My First Road Walk

Start: Timothy Lake
Camp: Ollalie Lake
There is a 24 mile detour today because of the Warm Springs Fire. A huge thank you to Ollalie Lake Resort for caching water along this detour for us.
My alarm went off at 5:00. Rap music. I added granola to some strange mixture of dehydrated milk, grains and chia seeds that I’d begun soaking the night before. I think it was supposed to be like a milk shake. sugary, slimy crunchy. I made a detour into the campground to find a trash can. 2 lbs of food off my back. I had planned to hit FS 42 from here, the prescribed detour for the fire closure, and just get the 24 mile road walk out of the way, if I had not talked to Bambi yesterday afternoon. Talking to people helps me a lot of the time, but it also gets me side tracked. Bambi had told me that Sadie had breached the closure boundary and hiked the closed trail segment. I had to see what Sadie saw when she reached the boundary. I crosse topped off my water and left the road easterly. Was there even ribbon across the trail? I made a 3 mile triangle just to check. If no one was talking the time to come out and close the trail, then no one would be nearby to patrol the closure either, I reasoned. If this was the case, if nothing denoted a closed area, I would act like if never seen the annotated map in my right hipbelt pocket wherein another a northbound hiker had labeled the three water caches that were temporarily in place to breakup what would otherwise be what we call “a 24 mile carry.”
There was pink ribbon and red plastic signs. I pulled at my pack straps as I slowly twirled, looking for my courage. “Trouble” was the word that I found in its place. That segment crosses at least four roads and has only two water sources. On top of that I’m loaded down with four days of food, even after the days worth I had dumped. I wasn’t sneaking around anybody unless they were oblivious.


A worthwhile detour: blackberries on FS 42, thimble berries on 4220.


Super important note for users of Guthook's app: many of the roads shown on the cached map have been closed and rehabilitated, i.e. covered in lumpy grass, so they are not easily passable. The Warm Springs detour IS NOT the road shown on the cached map, it is further west age outside of the cached area