Thoughts as I Hike Today

Start: FS Road 23 (2238)
Camp: Blue Lake (2214)
I took ibuprofen for the first time today. I new I wouldn’t keep going after lunch without it.
I woke an hour later than usual. I knew I would because I’d camped in a shady place and had lots of carbs before bed.
I covered eleven miles before lunch.
I lost a pair of socks for the first time, I left them behind when I broke camp.
My left Achilles is sore again.


A stark view of Ranier's south side.

I met tons of northbounders: the producer of the Time Square New Years Eve ball drop, Charlie; a hostel owner, Carlos, from Bishop; and Mammoth, who walked all the way from New York to San Diego before starting his northbound PCT hike. Quiet guy, and perfect genetics for an ultra distance through hiker: tall, lanky and just burly enough to carry a fully loaded pack a long way. Blonde hair, tan skin. He’s not writing a book or anything, he’s just trying to figure out why he’s doing it.
I found a perfect view of the sunset behind Mt. St. Helens so I camped right there in the trail. It’s too narrow to set up my tent so I’m wearing my rain gear, a neck gator, my ball cap, nitrile gloves and my mosquito head net. There’s hundreds swarming me, but I’m immune. Hahaha.
I don’t have any water so I’ll be thirsty, especially since I’m pigging out on Gardetto’s rye chips and beef jerky, but there’s some a couple miles away and I won’t have to pee this way 🙂
I’ve flown across this section, Section H. I have 60 miles left and plenty of food. Too much food. Everyday around lunch I reevaluate and either give some away or dump it out.
I lay here eating from my big bag of beef jerky and watching the sunset through the trees and finishing Brave New World in paperback, and I feel very lucky.