Further Lessons

Start: T20N R12E Section 3 (2382)
Camp: Scott’s Spring (2372)
Got my first glimpse of Ranier: “Holy sh*t” I said aloud. I’ll be much closer in three days, I’m sure it’ll seem a monster than if the whether holds. Heavy fog has been rolling in, off and on throughout the day, and hi status clouds stretch out above; I may be afoot of bad whether.
The sting of yesterday’s lessons came back unexpectedly today when I discovered my day would be held to a scant nine miles. I had made it a point to get a fuller understanding of the day’s watering holes and as I put the springs, creeks and lakes in order from asunder sources that included Halfmile’s maps, Yogi’s town guide, Guthook’s Android app and Halfmile’s Android app I found a concerning gap: there is no water between mile 2360 and mile 2372. The implication? I’d either be doing nine miles, or 21.
Today I met the PCT hiker that i most identify with out of any of the hikers I’ve yet met. His name is Andy and he is an unemployed drifter. He looks old because of his graying facial hair, but I’d guess he’s just in his forties. I also met my first intoxicated hiker, Kent, id est ‘DoubleBack’.
I’m burning through my extra phone batteries too quickly too: I have two to last 69 miles; I’ve used four in the first 30 miles of
Section I.