Beautiful Day

I lightened my load, got to see a really beautiful friend and make a new one. Then I made some miles and found a camp that not only has cell phone service but it’s not overrun with mosquitoes either. I’m rested energized and feeling stronger than ever, and my feet love me again. My resupply box was perfectly stocked – it even contained chlorine drops just when my Sawyer was starting to falter.
I reluctantly took an hour ride from Snoqualmie Pass into downtown Seattle after finishing Section J early yesterday afternoon. It wasn’t the driver. It was just that I had planned to roll through, pick up my resupply box at the Chevron station and add a few more miles to the breezy eleven miles I’d strolled from Goldmeyer (where I’d taken a zero the day before.) But my feet hurt – bad. I have had a shooting pain in my right arch that’s been developing in the afternoons on longer days, and the hot weather (it was in the eighties the last two days) combined with my high top waterproof boots was starting to give me hot spots that I knew were nascent blisters. I called REI about exchanging my shoes and insoles, then I called Marissa about crashing her futon last minute.


On the futon with Binx

REI was great, John was better. So John gives me a ride to REI where they happily return my shoes and exchange my insoles (twice) but REI doesn’t stock any wide sizes except the Merrels I was wearing. John to the rescue. John asks, “What size shoe are you wearing?”
“They’re a size eleven wide. Why?”
“Well-” John looks at me slyly, “these are an eleven double wide.” John shows me his shoe. It’s a brand new New Balance in a beautiful blue color scheme. I put one on and it felt like my foot had been reunited with an old friend. I did due diligence and walked around with two different shoes on for a while but when REI finally kicked us out I was wearing John’s shoes and his new ones were on their way from Amazon. John took me back to Marissa’s and we stopped in the middle of the road to take touristy pictures of the Space Needle along the way.
Marissa and I got a chance to go to lunch and catch up better than when I’d been in Seattle hurriedly preparing to set out five weeks ago. We ate Cuban style pulled pork at Paseo, something I’d never had and we’d weighted in a line that ran down the block for, then she took me back up to the pass. What amazing friends.

Start: Snoqualmie Pass
Camp: Rockdale Creek
Distance: 4.0 miles


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  1. Finally got around to checking out your PCT blog. Looks like you’re making good progress and enjoying the trail. Good luck dude, looking forward to future updates!

    – The late night REI boot fitter guy

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