It has taken the help of many, many people to make my PCT hike a reality. To everyone that is a part of making this happen I would like to extend my deepest, heartfelt Thank You!

Mr. Saxobeat: for performing needs-anticipation and last minute prestidigitation that only a caped superhero could do so well.
Bes: for so many things I can’t count them so let me just start with saying you are all-around-wonderful, especially at leaving me at a remote wilderness trailhead, thousands of miles from home, friends, or family, without the thought of missing any of them.
Capitan: for reminding me that it’s something special to be a southbounder, and for the use of a certain indispensable pink brush.
Cool Ranch: for recommending Frog Toggs – this stuff is mosquito proof and my pack’s two pounds lighter!
Aimee & Caitlin: for fueling my stove, filling my food bag, and teaching me the chords to Free Falling
Rachel: for a strangely relaxing forearm and rotator cuff massage.
Mary: for all the shampoo and conditioner one hiker could need
Taylor, Adam, Whitney & Cathy: for taking me in, cleaning me up, and returning me to the mountains. Your soft hearts and supportive hands kept me from bailing out.
Mark: for a fatty bag of teriyaki beef jerky.
Andrea & Jerry: for a new tarp, exciting new food, and surrogate parent love.
Jim: for a ride back up to Stevens Pass from Baring and a great conversion about the local BNSF line.
Aaron and Brett: for a completely ordinary stay at Goldmeyer 😉
Mike & Maggie: a delicious peach =-O
John: first it was a couple of protein bars, then a 57 mile lift to Seattle, and now by some twist of fate I am hiking in John’s New Balances.
Marissa: for a couch to crash… Again.


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    • Lol I’m trying to keep it short enough that it doesn’t crash the WordPress server by the time I reach Mexico! Thanks for the coconut water and the bars too John:-)

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