Goldmeyer Hot Spring

Halfmile’s PCT Washington Section J
Mile 2402 for northbounders
Mile 2438 for southbounders
The ultimate place for a zero. Here, among the stately trees and neatly manicured grounds of a private and exclusive paradise, the afternoon sun is reduced to a warm glow. A rushing creek flanks the back of the property, and above us rise rugged and forested peaks.

I lay on my back in site number one looking up. I don’t know what kind of pines these are, but they are perfect. They are sparse but they block the hot sun well and their needles are aren’t really needles at all. When the wind blows their soft yellow confetti rains all around and collects on my sleeping bag. Some is even in my sleeping bag and I smile.

I am as clean as I have been. For hours last night, sometimes alone and sometimes with company to lay and chat, I soaked in the healing water here. Clothing is optional. I lay on my back in the shallow upper pool with my feet on the wall, then I floated in the source cave, and took a long dip in the spring fed cold pool.


Simple signs point the way.

I relaxed and sang and played and stretched in the beautiful log shelter. Then I wandered back down to camp, the creek rushing all the while, and laid out my tyvek in one of the eight tiny sites and slept in the cool breeze for 14 hours until it was time to soak again.

Details: $15 day use/$20 camping. Goldmeyer is privately owned and visitation is limited to 20 people per day. It’s popular with the Seattle crowd, for whom it is an hour’s drive followed by a short four mile hike in, so weekend reservations fill quickly. PCT hikers hike in from either Snoqualmie Pass (northbounders, 11 miles) or the Dutch Miller Trail (southbounders, 15.6 miles, also shown as the Cascade Crest Trail on some maps.) Route details on Halfmile’s Section J maps. Walk in is allowed with cash payment and on a space available basis, caretakers live at the front of the property.


9 thoughts on “Goldmeyer Hot Spring

  1. Hey, love the post! It was fabulous getting to meet you up at the hot springs that evening. Goldmyer is a special place. Hexar and I loved getting to hear a little about your travels! Hope you’re making it along the PCT safely. Happy Trails! ~Natalie

    • I am, indeed, making it safely, thank you! You guys were great to talk to, really enjoyed the company after so much time alone. Now, a week later, there are many, many more people on the trail, headed both north and south. Hence the conversations are not as deep, as slow. Was nice. Take care friends, and stop back often.

    • Likewise, and GREAT to hear from you! Making it very well, I’m well across Oregon now that I’ve finally found time to reply! Keep in touch,
      Jes aka Beach Bum Buddha

  2. We enjoyed meeting you and thanks for the glowing review of Goldmyer. Safe travels!

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