A lot of people think that backpackers eat a lot of junk food, and that’s true, but I for one am eating a lot more diversely out here than I used to. Lunch is chicken fried rice made with evoo! That’s extra virgin olive oil, I got little packets of it from Andrea. To my rice I’ve added fresh jalapeño, freeze dried peas, and a mixture of whole grains and dehydrated hamburger that soaked overnight. It’s great!
Start: Trap Lake
Camp: Waptus Lake
Distance: 24 miles
Today I hiked a marathon.
Today was a day of firsts: I started hiking at 6 a.m. I got bit by a mosquito inside of my nose. I lost a sock. I forded a rushing creek. By jumping. I crossed a calm creek in bare feet. I hiked on dry, snow free ground for miles, and I covered more than twenty miles! None of those things had happened until today. Just like last night I am getting slaughtered by mosquitoes. I can’t write much and I can’t focus, because they are biting my hands in a swarm, so although I’ve much to say and it is far too hot for a 15° sleeping bag, I slide in all the way in and zip it up, all the way. Then I put on my ball cap and pull my head net over top and cinch it around my neck. I tuck my arms, and my poor hands, back inside, and I lay perfectly still while I try to make sure that none of that buzzing is coming from inside the net.