Back to Work

Start: Stevens Pass
Camp: Trap Lake
Distance: 12 miles
Jim drove me up to the pass after breakfast and told me to “Get back to work.” I said ok.
Holy mosquitoes. I didn’t stop anywhere for long once I left Stevens Pass and when I did stop, to camp, I immediately assumed rain gear and my head net. I have both of these thanks to the recommendation and kindness of other people, thanks Cool Ranch and Richard. Wish I had grabbed gloves at Andrea’s, my poor hands. Still, it’s a full moon, I’ve got a nice flat and dry campsite up high on a ridge, and I saw the best sunset I’ve seen on the trail yet. I think I can, perhaps, see the Olympics, and maybe even a sliver of Puget Sound. Not to mention it was easy walking to get here, not to mention I got a call back and I’m expected at Goldmeyer Hot Springs in four days! So yes, I’m excited, even though I’ll be sleeping in my rain gear, ball cap and head net.
I met two couples today, and heard of a one day bygone trio, who turned back after getting a day into this section from a Stevens Pass. They were all surprised by the conditions. I consoled them a bit and recommended some places I know to be snow free (like Stehekin’s Lakeshore Trail and Ross Lake’s East Bank Trail!) I was chomping at the bit to get underway after two days of rest, but you’ve got to give it to get it, right? I’m sharing the conditions I find under Current Trail Conditions, and also forwarding them to Jack Haskel, the PCTA trails information specialist for dissemination to the community at large.


3 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. Hey I’m one of the guys you ran into on the 11th. Good luck to you! Hope you made it through all the snow ok.

    • Hi Nolan! Great to run into you and thank you for stopping to say “Hi!” The snow out of Stevens wasn’t nothin’ compared to what I’d seen already. It sounds like there’s a bit ahead still – Mt Adams and Goat Rocks – but I’m looking forward to the challenge. Happy Trails Nolan, stop by again!

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