Wrong Way

Start: Suiattle River
Camp: Dolly Vista Camp
Distance: 13 miles

I made my first wrong turn today. After short cutting by using the old PCT log crossing of the Suiattle I found the PCT and headed north, back down to the Suiattle, not realizing I had already joined back up with the main PCT route. I walked five miles extra but I got to see some huge trees along the way and the tread is great, some of my favorite trail so far.
It was snow free almost all the way here to Dolly Vista, which is huge. I don’t even have to camp on snow! I got everything ready for tomorrow – lunch and breakfast are soaking, my meals and snacks are set aside, the rest of my food is repacked – so that when the morning sun hits I’ve no reason to dally. I’ve got my first blister, in between my big toe and index toe, on my left foot.