To Canada and Back

Don’t talk to me, I’m out of chocolate.

Its official, I'm signed in!

Its official, I’m signed in!

Distance: 9.2 miles

Start: Castle Pass

Camp: Hopkins Pass

Highlights: Good weather, snow free trail

I packed a light pack and did a seven mile out and back to the border. It’s official, I’ve touched one end of the Pacific Crest Trail. Now to touch the other.

I’m running low on food. I’ll be okay as long as I make nine miles a day for three days.

The PCT is definitely easier to follow than the Boundary Trail, thank God. I even saw some footprints.

I’m camped in the trail again because, again it is the driest and flattest ground I can find.

I got a look back at what I climbed over yesterday. It is very, very high and very, very gnarly.