Ross Lake: Rainbow Point to Lightning Creek (Day 2)

Distance: 7.3 miles

Start: Rainbow Point

Camp: Lightning Creek stock camp

In some places its just hard to be mad – even when a varmint chews a perfectly round one inch diameter hole in the waterproof Pertex shell of your down jacket. The orange ripstop was just gone – inexplicably missing, as if it were burned away with a circular branding iron while I was asleep, except that the edge’s of the hole weren’t shrunken away, they were tattered and stringy. It took me a second to put it together. They had been shredded by tiny claws and teeth.

Thus began my second day. I opened the bear box with it’s detachable handle to learn that it has drain holes or vent holes or just some kind of unneeded holes – six of them to be exact – in the floor. Combine this with the 2 inch crawlspace beneath the box and you have a backdoor for motley critters to raze and remove whatever lies atop each hole.

But after stretching out in the warm sun on Rainbow Point’s sandbar, then hiking along precipitous sedimentary cliffs with five mile views of the Lake and finally and crossing lengthy wood-and-steel suspension bridges, I could deal with anything. Even after I found out that he also snuck in while I was packing and ate today’s chocolate ration. M*th3r #**&3#!!!