One of the Most Amazing

Times I’ve ever had sober. I’m going on 4 months now. Dads at six. There’s a certain confidence in being yourself all the time, knowing that there’s only one you and not that other more outgoing intoxicated guy waiting for release.  In a 36 hour span I had several defining moments. With family and friends I grilled and watched meteors and rejuvenated in hot springs and danced and sang with Michael Franti and still managed to spend some time by myself and make new friends. The Geminids seemingly coincided with another meteor shower, making for the most spectacular night of meteors that any of us have ever seen. I’m pooped but I wanted to share something very interesting that I learned about meteors: slower meteors burn longer, shallower angle meteor revel further across the sky.

Leonids: 71 kilometers per second
Perseids: 61 kilometers per second
Orionids: 67 kilometers per second
Lyrids: 48 kilometers per second
Geminids: 35 kilometers per second
Fall Taurids: 30 kilometers per second
Delta Leonids: 23 kilometers per second
Draconids: 23 kilometers per second