TRT Day 26: The Big Day

Mileage:   13 miles (108%)
Start/End: Marlette Peak Campground/Mt Rose Campground
Highlights: Sand Harbor overlook


Putting Sand Harbor in perspective

…In more ways than one. According to the TRTA’s map, I’ll have to cover 16.8 miles to make it back to my starting point and my next water source, Mt Rose, today. Of course that’s assuming the mileage is correct on their map because as is typical, my National Geographic map reads a little lower: 13.4 miles in this case. Still a very big day. It’s also assuming there really is no water before Tahoe Meadows. I’ll carry 4.5 liters, but my experience on this trail has shown there to be much more water than people seem to notice.

…I made it really close but when it came down to it I really just didn’t feel like hiking with a headlamp: I slogged the rest of the way up Tahoe Meadows and slept on a picnic table at the campground. There’s no flat camping on the other side of the highway anyway, so I’ll complete the final 1/4 mile tomorrow.