TRT Day 24: Break Time is Over

Mileage: 15 miles (95%)
Start/End: Kingsbury/Spooner Summit
Highlights: The best sunset yet: a bench at the foot of Genoa Peak


Tahoe's best place to watch a sunset

I wish that I’d have skipped those extra miles! The elevation change isn’t bad, but it’s still a LONG walk from Kingsbury to Spooner. The insoles were a bust, by the way. Although they felt great on the bottom of my feet they caused massive blisters on both heels.There is no water at the Spooner Summit trailhead, it is 3/4 below at Spooner Lake, a tap at the cabin I’ve been told. There is a working electrical outlet though, so I bummed some water and spent the night in beautiful, flat comfort: I slept on a picnic bench. The appeal was more than just the bench and the electricity though. Fall colors are starting to show and the summit is gilded in golden aspens.


Waking to rustling aspens on Spooner Summit