TRT Day 23: Back to the Trail

Mileage: 2.5 miles (87%)
Start/End: South Lake Tahoe/Kingsbury Grade
Highlights: An easy descent from Stagecoach to Edgewood Creek, made much easier with new batteries in my headlamp


Fighting the Good Fight: Insoles, New-Skin and Duck Tape

I’m heading back up to the trail tonight. I’ll take the BlueGo bus from South Lake back to the Stagecoach Lodge, then camp near the trailhead so that I can get an early start because it’s 15 miles to the next water, which is Spooner Summit Trailhead. Hopefully the municipal water is still on there. I was planning to pick up the TRT at the new Kingsbury Grade crossing closer to South Lake but two things swayed me: the only reliable water is on the south side of Kingsbury Grade; and I ran into the TRTA’s webmaster. He pointed out that if get back on the trail at the crossing, I will have skipped a couple miles of the trail. Well, I’ve come this far without skipping any, so why start now?