TRT Day 15: Just Done

Mileage: 11.8 miles (85%)
Start/End: Freel Pass/South Lake Tahoe
Highlights: Hot lunch at Fox & Hound


Bludgeoned Pinky

Feet are destroyed, nights cold, food supply exhausted. I abandoned the trail indefinitely today. Foraging for berries and sleeping in hollow logs now. Just kidding. But really, I am stopping indefinitely. Sleeplessly cold the last 3 nights, endlessly hungry for days. Blistered blisters. Pinky toe eaten by massive conglomerate blister. Ghost pebble seems to wander in right shoe. First shower in 16 days now, it hurt. Ankles scaly with dirt, won’t seem to come clean. Ate 5 cookies and a giant burger with barbecued pork and a thick slice of ham on it. I’m not hungry now but I feel like I’m still walking. Not sure what to do next so I booked a week at the cheapest hotel I could find.