TRT Day 14: Good news

Mileage: 10.9 miles (77%)
Start/End: Big Meadow/Freel Pass
Highlights: Friendly local mountain bikers; another alpine sunset from an esoteric campsite

I was trudging along, too hot and too cold almost at the same time, and honestly starting to wonder if I was on the right damn trail, when I came upon a very friendly group of local Mountain bikers. the Treo shared some delightful information with me and some phenomenal energy as well as their power bars. Between this, a long break from hiking, a huge meal of beef stew with a cup of rice in it, and 2 Tylenol, I feel about a 1,000,000 times better than I did an hour ago! They told me that there is a spring 2 miles down the trail and when I get to Kingsbury Grade there is a great bar with pizza and a bus that goes to South Lake Tahoe. Woohoo! I was glad to hear this, because my right foot is severely bruised and blistered.


Sunset on Day 14 from camp on Freel Pass