TRT Day 13: Yoga and Larry

Mileage: 8.0 miles (70%)
Start/End: Showers Lake/Big Meadow
Highlights: Morning yoga on the rocks above Showers


My right foot seems to have outgrown its shoe, and the lateral constriction has caused this split

I feel better today. My back doesn’t hurt. My blisters do. They’re getting a nice long break now. I’m relaxing in my hammock, looking out over antifreeze-green Round Lake. You wouldn’t want to filter your water here. Spurred by the pain, I started to stretch more. When I stretched more I realized I needed to lighten my load. When I did that my back stopped hurting so I stretched more. Legs and shoulders too. And my foot seems to have stopped getting worse. I realized you can’t let 1 part of your body suffer and just ignore it while the rest is fine. Like a stretch that feels great in the left hamstrings but tweaks the right knee. So I started thinking holistically. And it turned into a cycle.


Fall Colors in Big Meadow

I met some native Americans as I descended to the Big Meadow trailhead that told me about Larry trees – they smell like butterscotch – and told me about using sap to make glue. I also, for the first time, met another TRT thru hiker that is taking his time: 3 weeks or so, just like me.