TRT Day 7: Oh, That Fog

Mileage: 3.2 miles (32%)
Start/End: Tahoe City/Page Meadows
Highlights: Giving my feet another break; tons of calories for breakfast; lunch at Bridgetender… Again

I thought I noticed it last night, because the stars were clear but the distant lights of South Lake were dim, but with the sun fully up there’s no denying it: the lake is socked in, awash in a blinding glow of water vapor illuminated by the 10 o’clock sun opposite me. I slept late today. A diesel tug trolls off toward the southern mountains, just a faint line. I’ve got a friend that might know something about fog, I should reconnect with her.

Day 7 was all about refueling; I cooked a pound of bacon first thing. Along with a dozen eggs and a bag of everything bagels it is my high-calorie breakfast. There’s a lot more to my food supply than that though; my next stop is in 10 days.

My once-haggard feet are looking and feeling a lot better. My hips aren’t as sore. I’ve spent two full days in Tahoe City now, I suppose its time to hit the trail.

…So I had one last meal at the Bridgetender and hit the trail at 9:00 pm carrying two gallons of water and 10 days worth of food. By 10:30 I had made Page Meadow and laid down in the tall grass, using my hammocktent as a bivy. Page Meadows is wide and open, set below tall mountains, and the moon is nearly full. A picturesque seen indeed, though it seems exceptionally cold. I couldn’t tell at the time, but it must have been foggy up there in the meadow.

Unfortunately, I had fallen asleep with the bivy’s waterproof nylon covering my face. When I awoke at 3:30 am, I was freezing. My breath had condensed inside, leaving a layer of ice all the way down the inside of the bivy. My sleeping bag was wet. I really didn’t have a choice: I packed and started hiking.