TRT Day 6: Rest, Rest, and More Rest!

Mileage: 0.0 miles (30%)
Start/End: Tahoe City/Tahoe City
Highlights: Giving my feet a break; leftover chimichanga for breakfast

Judging by the sun it’s 7:30 am. The hustle and bustle has started. But an hour ago it was quiet. The minute city is cloaked in trees and the drone of traffic and the roar of construction belie its beauty.


I climb down from my hammock to take sunrise photos, then sit back against a log to write and study my map. In a way, the noise keeps me company. I can remember the bitter loneliness that would seep in on the remote stretches of the Colorado Trail. Not here, no chance for that so far. Lots of people here. Lots of roads to be heard and boats to be watched and day hikers to chat with and ask questions to. A more interesting journey really. Maybe five years has changed my perception though. I wish for a less populated stretch of trail to make the comparison. Desolation is 28.9 miles from here. Maybe a side trek away from the Rim. I write, and I rest my feet. I examine my old thermarest. Ever wondered what’s inside? I have for years. Time to find out.


Cascade Designs is an awesome company. My thermarest grew a bubble, and they happily sent me an upgrade. Last night was my first night on the thicker 40th Anniversary Edition and it was downright luxurious.


Hungry, I wander into town. The Bridgetender is far better than Hacienda del Lago. Amazing curly fries, and the staff is friendly but leaves me to my writing. Prefect, but I suppose I’d better do some laundry…