TRT Day 5: High Fives on the Home Stretch

Mileage: 11.0 miles (30%)
Start/End: Mt Watson Summit/Tahoe City
Highlights: Tim Hauserman, TRT guidebook author; new Therm-a-rest!; free camping, but no shower 😦

As an interesting aside, by hurrying to pack my gear I had discovered that my sleep setup, consisting of my hammock, tent, sleeping bag and Therm-a-rest, packs nicely if I simply roll it all up together. On the trail by 2:30 am, I covered 3 miles, alternately cursing my new headlamp and writing a short parable inspired by my friend Lisa and Kurt Vonnegut. In a windless valley I took a four hour nap.

Day 5 was a day of Attaboy’s and Oh Wow’s and Good Man’s. Maybe it was the determination in my face (or do I mean deprivation?) from the rough night before, or the smile of success knowing I was almost a quarter of the way around the Lake or maybe it was just the fact that I had just walked 30+ miles, but everyone I met gave me a verbal high-five. Just above Tahoe City, Tim Hauserman, author of the latest TRT guidebook, welcomed me to his backyard. He encouraged me to by his book and gave me some vital information: the trail has been rerouted around Kingsbury Grade, and a new connector takes off there for South Lake Tahoe I’m case I want to resupply there, although it’s nearly six miles one-way.

In town I picked up the water filter that my off-trail angel had expressed to me and enjoyed a so-so meal over a spectacular lake view. I finally got a little charge in my phone. Tahoe State Park was closed for the season, so I hiked back up the trail and hung my hammock.