TRT Day 4: Cold and Dead

Mileage: 10.6 miles (23%)
Start/End: Brockway Summit/Mt Watson
Highlights: Good view from Mt Watson; so-so water at Watson Lake

Day 4 was cold. It was overcast when I woke and I thought it might rain. I packed and made breakfast quickly. I was down to quinoa and potatoes, which, incidentally, is a pretty good combination. My phone was dead from heavy use the day before, which meant no photos. It would turn out to be a terribly unphotogenic day anyway.

I walked quickly to keep warm and with food and water supplies low the miles dropped of quickly. At Watson Lake I filled water and ate and chatted with a local girl, Lindsey, her lab-boarder colley mix would tread water and look for his Frisbee as we chatted about Tahoe life.  She recommend the side trek up Watson Peak for a fun hike and a great view, which, given my early arrival at the lake was a nobrainer.

At the top with my two gallons of water I discovered a great view across the Truckee River valley but also a ferocious wind. Judging by the flora – pines stunted on one side, windward branches backswept and coveting the bastion held by their leeward brethren – such besieging is common. Feebly setting my solar panel up to take in the sunset I retreated to my hammocktent. As i drifted off, needless rained and saltated, rat-tat-tatting against the taught nylon fly. Strange dreams of old friends and gimcrack music (read: dubstep) plagued my sleep and by 1:00 am I was tossing and turning, kept awake by the wind. I collected my solar charger (whose single green flash indicated the sunset had been a dud,) threw my pack together, and headed down.