TRT Day 2: Fire, Lightning and Big Miles (For me anyway)

Mileage: 9.6 miles (9%)
Start/End: Mt Rose Summit/Gray Lake
Highlights: Sunrise and Lake Tahoe view from Mt Rose; the climb up to Relay Peak sucked

…And a very leisurely start. Hikers started to summit Mt Rose around 10:30, or at least that’s when I saw them. We chatted and penned in a few POI’s on my Trails Illustrated map – apparently there’s a spectacular fire lookout about a mile off my route today – and I slowly packed. A rogue chipmunk begged for a sandwich, but settled for our company in watching the hawks soar.


Well Comported Beggar

By the time I left the summit it was 2:00 pm and I hadn’t even made breakfast! Well, quick steps and an arduous climb back out of Galena Meadows brought me to the top of 10,336′ Relay Peak. This is the highest point TRTers will reach without leaving the tail. I tromped along the Slab Cliffs and called it a day – 9.5 miles in a about 5 hours. I made dinner, and setup camp above Gray lake and as I lay down I caught glimpses of a flashy thunderstorm over Reno and a virulent red wildfire a few miles south on Lake Tahoe’s eastern flank. Alright, keeping this short to save battery and stave off a duplicitous late start tomorrow.