TRT Day 1: Galena Falls and a Mt Rose Summit Camp

Mileage: 4.8 miles (3%)
Start/End: Mt Rise Trailhead/Mt Rose Summit
Highlights: Galena Falls; Stargazing; looking down on Reno

I set out from the Summit trailhead at 5:00pm last night. Enamored with the smooth tread and awestruck with a waterfall, I mistook the dash-dot wilderness boundary for a trail. Sunset found me creeping up the side of 10,772′ Mt Rose carrying a gallon of water in each hand. This section is purportedly very dry and I was now a couple miles off my TRT route. Stashing the jugs I quickened my pace and captured this august scene above Truckee.


Truckee Sunset

To my surprise, the summit harbored a perfect grotto for hanging my hammocktent. This was my first real test of the invention and I was a little worried that I might be hightailing it to lower (and warmer) ground around 4:00am. As it turns out I woke a couple of times to get comfortable but I was never cold! The dead silence and warm glow of sunrise reminded me of sunrise on 10,032′ Haleakala. Only there, the clouds are not bolstered by a 5,000′ base elevation, so one finds himself looking across their tops much of the time, rather than their bottoms, which lends the experience to a certain airiness that the Reno sprawl just can’t subscribe to. But then again, the view the other direction (the header for this blog) is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before – I had trouble believing it was a photo I’d taken and not some included stock image on my new phone. Alright, time to get back down to my water cache.